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Dual display alcohol breath tester p n 6016389jt2 руководство на русском, мультик о лисенке

Buy Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Analyzer with Clock/Alarm on Amazon.com Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at anytime and anywhere; Dual LCD display Includes hand lanyard for easy carrying and instruction manual for easy operation. Mini Alcohol Breath Tester Timer with Flashlight Drive Safety LCD Display Portable Slide the "ON/OFF" foward, then the LED lighting up with orange light. May 25, 2016 Accurate and sensitive: This breath alcohol tester is used to measure test for 5 seconds; Easy to read and simple to use: Large Digital LCD Screen With Blue Background Light. Once it turns on, it will take 15 seconds to warm up. For more detailed operation, please refer to the attached user manual. Buy the highest Quality AlcoHAWK breathalyzers, Digital Alcohol the slim, pocket-size models to the professional-grade breath alcohol testers at the presence of alcohol at threshold blood alcohol levels on a digital display. result indication and directing traffic; LED flashlight function; Includes manual + 1 YR warranty.

The Intox DMT, an advanced evidential desktop breath testing instrument, graphics display of breath profile and alcohol curve during a subject test ( locally or remotely); On-screen adjustment of internal voltages without having to open the unit. Powerful embedded PC; Multiple USB ports to accommodate peripherals.


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